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We Love VFR - Region 1

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We Love VFR - Region 1

Do you like flying VFR and watching the World below you? Do you sometimes feel that something is missing? We Love VFR is here to help you. We Love VFR is a free addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator that adds thousands of new VFR-friendly objects. In the first beta version, you get communication, radio, and tv antennas, but I have plans for many, many more.


  • Over 40 000 objects placed in region 1.
  • Coverage of the whole Europe and part of Africa.
  • In the first version mobile communication, tv and radio antennas
  • Puffin AI* - correct placement and appearance of objects**
  • 21 mast variants
  • Lower spec PC friendly
  • Much more planned

How to install?

Find your „Community” directory and just copy a-puf-we-love-vfr-region1 there. That’s it. If you’re updating our addon I recommend removing the old version before installing the new one.


Remember it's a beta

Don't be mad if you see any errors, just report them to me so I can fix them ? If you see an object that you know but its appearance is wrong please wait till 1.0 version. After that, I will launch the whole manual on how to report it to me, or fix it by yourself to make it better for the next version.

Known Issues:

  • masts that were tagged as towers in OSM were omitted (fix - update 1)
  • wrong far LOD on taller TV masts (fix - update 1)
  • masts marked as ways are not implemented (fix - TBD)


Why antennas look fuzzy from the distance?

That’s something in the sim graphics engine, that for now can’t be bypassed. Original sim objects act exactly the same. I try to prevent it a bit with LODs, but it won’t be perfect. Maybe the DX12 will fix it someday.

Why can’t I see obstacle lights from the distance? / Why there is a visible light but not on top of the antenna?

For now, MSFS SDK for lights is very limited. I can’t create a light that will have a source visible from a distance. On the other hand, I can’t remove those red, clearly visible lights that Asobo has put in place of antennas. As soon as they expand SDK, I’ll fix that.

Hey, that mast next to my house is not in your mod. Why?

I use OpenStreetMap data and they are not perfect. Sometimes they lack proper tags and I can’t tell if it is an antenna or a flag pole. Sometimes there is no object where there should be one. When the first final version is released, I will show how everyone can add their own data and it should be available for the next update.

*Not really AI. Just quite complex conditions, but AI sounds a lot better.
**Depends on data availability.


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